About Us

The Allentown Film Crew exists to make short films.  For more about how we do that, see the Our Purpose and Creative Process pages.

We began as a group on Meetup.com and we still use that for outreach and scheduling meetings.  After all, it’s free advertising and that’s how most people find us.  Please make sure to join the group on Meetup so you get notices.

We’ve been in existence since March of 2008, with a hiatus through part of 2009 and 2010.  We’ve produced 7 short films in that time, one of which won first prize at the Lehigh Valley Filmmakers Festival in 2012 at the Artsquest SteelStacks.  Each project had a different director and crew members switched production roles to learn and experience the various jobs of a film crew.

AFC has been blessed with professionals who have lent their expertise and guided us through the beginning projects.  The “veteran” crew members now have a lot of experience of their own.  We follow industry norms in filling production roles from director to grip, producer to production assistant.  Everyone gets a chance to try their hand at different jobs and find their niche.

We’re an all volunteer crew, so no one gets paid.  We shoot mostly on weekends to accomodate work schedules and such.   If money is won through a contest or festival, that money would go back to the group for future projects.  In the meantime, we’re looking to raise funds as we plan for the future.  Funds would be used to purchase equipment and for production costs.  We also intend to become a non-profit organization in due time.  That would open the door to grants and further opportunities.