Allentown Film Crew Creative Process

This is about how we choose what script to shoot and how you can participate in the process. We try to keep the process as simple and open as possible. We know that people have other obligations and that making films is a luxury. At the same time, are goal is to make professional film with as many talented people as we can find.

After almost five years we have perfected the balancing act and have started to streamline the AFC Filmmaking Process so that all members can benefit and participate.

The AFC Filmmaking Process is broken down into five parts: Script Development, Pre-production, Production, Post-production, and Distribution.

1. Script Development: This is part of the process where we come up with the story idea and write it down in the proper format. The end result is THE SCRIPT. The Script is the foundation to all filmmaking. If your foundation is weak the building will crumble. No amount of CGI, Edits, digital airbrushing, or lighting will fix a bad story. In the AFC we focus on crafting at least two short films a year. Each film is around 5-15 minutes long. All members are eligible to submit a script. All scripts are chosen by majority vote of the members in good standing. Members in good standing are the ones that show up to the meetings and participate. After the script is chosen we move on to the next phase of filmmaking.

2. Pre-production: Now that we have a script, we start picking the roles people will have for the next project. The writer of the script gets first bids on DIRECTOR or they can pass on it giving another member a chance. The best way to be able to direct is to write a winning script. Next, we start filling the other roles: The Producers, Cinephotographer, Grips, Video Editors, Sound editor, Cater and Etc. From here the producer and director start working on locations, actor auditions, props acquisition and all other aspects of filmmaking that will bring us to phase three.

3. Production: Now this is show time! We are ready to start shooting. If we have been successful in the last two phases this one moves forward much more efficiently. We try to keep our shooting schedule on the weekends and most projects take us two-to-four days. Our days are long but feel so short!!! Now on to phase four!!

4. Post-production: Here is where we start video and sound editing. By now the music composer should have a demo for the film and any CGI is applied. Here is where film is polished and professionally detailed. Now the whole film is completed. We did it! Now on to the final step.

5. Distribution: This part is where we get the film to the audience by submitting to Film Fest, hosting on a website and creating DVDs to sell. We want everyone from your grandmother to Hollywood professionals to check them out.

Now Rewind! And then we start all over again. Each film we do gives us a chance to learn and grow. It’s all about the doing!