Born on March 29, 2008 by filmmaker Maher Mahmud to make a movie called “One more victim”. Maher was unable to continue to make movies, but still supports the group and hopes to be active again in the future. Three members that worked on that movie, Mark Ritchey, Trisha Thompson and Moses Garcia, are still very active in seeing that AFC continues and grows. AFC stopped meeting after that first movie because Maher had other commitments and he just didn’t have the time to pursue it. Trisha, Mark, and Moses, with Maher’s blessing, brought the group back to life and that is when it started to be an educational group. There was a lot of talent that wanted to make a movie and we just started showing each other how to make a movie.

AFC now has a writers group that meets separately, but all scripts that AFC makes have to go through the writers group to get critique before they can be submitted for consideration.

In seven years AFC has made ten movies and four promos. We won the 2012 Greater Leigh Valley Film Festival with a movie called “Please kill me again”. In 2014 we won the Pocono Mountain Film Festival with a movie Called “Broken Dreams”. We made these impressive accomplishments without any funding and without any real structure.

2015 is going to make AFC history by becoming a non-profit organization. We have an organized management team that is leading the corporation to new horizons. We are struggling with raising funds to become a non-profit and to make our next production. This will be our first production that has a budget. You can help by donating your equipment that you don’t use any more and by becoming an active member. It’s easy to become an active member just go to http://www.gofundme.com/AFCnon-profit and donate $5 or more.