The Allentown Film Crew seeks to introduce, educate, and encourage the Allentown area community to the film industry experience.

The Allentown Film Crew is not just a film appreciation group.  We produce short films!

It’s about the collaborative process of film and utilizing the diversity of people and talent in the Lehigh Valley.  AFC is made up of members from all walks of life and various levels of experience.  We have a few professionals, veteran members of the group who have gained much experience through our projects, as well as those who have little experience.  We are committed to making high quality films with good production values and a story to tell.

The story comes from the group as well.  For more information on the script development and selection, see the Creative Process page.

There’s something for everyone at AFC.  For professionals, there’s the opportunity to do a project of your own with more creative control than you might find through your work.  For the intermediate and aspiring filmmaker, we offer a place to further your knowledge, skills and experience while working with others who can both learn from and teach you.  For the beginner, we’re the perfect place to get your feet wet, to try something you’ve always wanted to do– make a movie!  We’re nurturing and non-threatening.  No one is here to judge, we’re here to work as a team with a common goal.

Please join us and watch how you and the group grow!