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Allentown Film Crew Tuesday October 28th, 2014 Meeting recap

Ten crew members attended, including one first timer.
The new president, Trisha Thompsen opened with old business. Ironic, ain’t it?

The oldest unfinished project, “I’m Not Gay, My Boyfriend Is” was passed to a new editor over the summer. Poor old project. Nobody wants it. (sniff, sniff) Anyway, if he doesn’t finish it, our new member may be interested in doing it. If not, we’ll go to Craig’s list. The other unfinished product, “Two Poetic Promises, One Last Breath” will be taken over by Wilfredo Aqueron. It’s a big project (lots of footage), but somebody’s gotta do it. Right, Wil?

In new business, the next project is in pre-production. It’s a collaborative writing project, the first of its kind for our group, called Carpool. It’s a a somewhat apocolyptic dark comedy that may or may not include zombies. The next writer’s group meeting will be on Nov. 18th at Wegman’s in Allentown.

In case you didn’t hear yet, the AFC production, “Broken Dreams”, won best short film at the Pocono Mountain Film Festival. Congrats to Trisha the writer/director, Moses Garcia, producer and everyone in the cast and crew! You can view the film on our website,

We also talked about committees which President Trisha has initiated. A separate communication will be sent out detailing the committees to be established. Each will have a chairperson who will run the committee. 3 of them already have a chair, so get your applications in. They’re going fast!

The Crew will be shooting the current project, Valentine’s Day this weekend! Good luck and safe travels to all involved.

Come on out to a meeting to get involved in the next project, or a committee, or both.
We have a lot of talented people and we want to utilize our resources. Make it your group!

See you soon,