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Here are committees we’re looking to form and staff.  Get your spot now!

Allentown Film Crew Committees

NEWSLETTER: Recap of meetings, event announcements, other news.

Post to Meetup, website, Facebook

Chair: Mark Ritchey

WEBSITE: Keep updated with links to completed films and promos, photos from productions and events, make user friendly.

Chair: Open

FUND RAISING: Generate revenue through fund raisers, online crowd funding, etc. for

purpose of providing budget for general group needs including equipment

catering for productions, possibly paying actors, film festival entry fees…

Chair: Open 

POST PRODUCTION: Oversee post-production of projects, get outstanding projects completed, procure editors, music, etc.

Chair: Open

SOCIAL DIRECTOR: Plan social events like parties, group outings; post things of interest to Facebook, keep an online presence, maintain morale of group.

Chair: Open

EQUIPMENT: Maintain list of group equipment, hold or keep track of who has possession of equipment, create sign-out sheet/release for use of equipment. Keep track of receipts/warranties if applicable.

Chair: Wilfredo Aqueron

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Networking, promotion, social media. (Work with or possibly combine with Social Director.)

Chair: Open

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Pros/cons of going non-profit, liability issues.

Chair: Wilfredo Aqueron

Our new project is called Valentines Day. We are in the process of getting a crew together, so here is your chance to  get involved. Contact the producer Chris Wagler at to secure your position.




Saturday July 12, 2014

10:00 am – 4:30?  (lunch break at 12:30)

Lehigh University,  Packard Lab,  Room 410

Bethlehem, PA


This lighting workshop is being offered by Ed Ballinger, a one-time fully participating member of the AFC, now returned to share some training with us. Some members may remember Ed as the cinematographer and editor on the AFC classic “The Cake”.

A PowerPoint presentation will be used to conduct the workshop and will include lecture interspersed with movie clips to illustrate points covered. The talk will culminate in a mock movie scene with a demonstration of various ways to light and shoot it. Emphasis throughout the presentation will be on lighting for art, rather than simply lighting for exposure. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it; challenge yourself to adopt a new way of seeing. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation will be available.

A graduate of Kutztown University’s Electronic Media program; Ed later continued his training at the world famous Maine Media Workshops at Rockport College in Rockport, Maine. For the past 13 years he has worked at Lehigh University as a Video Production Specialist in the Department of Distance Education. During that time and in addition to his normal daily activities, he has been credited for his work on nearly 50 special features or event videos for the university. Additionally he has garnered credit for over 30 freelance jobs in less than 10 years; often times as director, editor and cinematographer. Examples of his work can be seen at

There will be a lunch break at 12:30 for 45 minutes.

Participants may bring a bag lunch or can leave during break. There are plenty of places to eat nearby, including on campus. The end time will depend on participation during the question and answer session and demonstration.

Ed is very excited to bring this service to AFC. And, we’re excited to have him. We encourage members to attend, regardless of your level of expertise. This is one part in a series of presentations to educate our members, improve the quality of our productions, and give back to the community.

Please attend!




2014 has been amazing so far for the Allentown Film Crew. We have one short film (TWO SILENT POETIC PROMISES ONE LAST BREATH) in post-production from last year, one completed commercial, working on a Music promotional, and have just completed principal photography for our first short film (REDEMPTION) of the 2014. This is not including all the FILMS and personal projects that members are working on around the Lehigh Valley. We are growing and going strong.

Thanks to our 2014 Christmas fundraiser, we have reached our goal of buying our first Boom and Mic. Also, I want to give a special thanks to the hilarious Dan Maher for donating a sweet sound recorder to complete our Sound Equipment.

With principal photography for REDEMPTION completed, we are now moving on to our next Film Project.

1. There is no THEME for the next submission. So the Script can be any fictional genre, or topic that is Rated “R” and below. No documentary, music video, etc.

2. Only one script can be submitted per member. But you can bring more than one to be reviewed and later pick the one you want to submit. You can resubmit old scripts.

Screenwriters Meetup dates:

Tuesday 4/29/14

Tuesday 5/6/14

Sunday 5/25/14

Deadline for Script Submission is “Sunday 6/1/14 Midnight”

This gives everyone a good seven weeks to write a 5 to 15 minute script.

I can’t wait to see new stories for 2014. See you at the next meeting.

Moses Garcia – Screenwriter Meetup facilitator